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Sundays In Spring

Our goal as an indie netlabel is to favor the intimate, bucolic and melancholic colors. We want to defend musicians who share a similar sensitivity. Visit our website at for more information.

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Sundays In Spring
by The London Apartments
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one thing we can be sure is that the music you will hear clearly belongs to the twenty first century. there are some touches of indietronica, atmospheres of dreampop, and sincerity of intimate emoish songwriting. just sit down on your back, look at the starry sky and start to fly with your blurry eyes. bio: justin langlois and erin fortier are the two folk behind the london apartments. embracing technology alongside bedroom pop songwriting ethics, the london apartments' eyes light up under the...
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Topic: Indie-tronica
Sundays In Spring
by Sepia Hours
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Sepia Hours is the solo project of Sébastien Biset, a young Belgian musician. This is his first release. Below you'll find his bio: I had to centre all my ideas and desires into 7 tracks without falling back on the too brazen sound impulses that do not contribute to a coherent whole. Having privileged the musical aspect with the detriment of any experimentation, it appears however that research on the voice had come to a dispersion of the words in certain pieces. Words become echoes, they...
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Topics: Indie, Post-Rock, Indie-tronica
Sundays In Spring
by V.O.
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Wonderful songwriting reminiscent of jim o'rourke, the sea & cake, etc by the gifted and hyperactive musician, Boris Gronemberger. He plays in several bands, such as Grinberg, The Grandpiano, Zop Hopop, Ishinabe, and Raymondo. He is also French singer Françoiz Breuts live guitar player. Besides, he developped a more personal project, V.O., with whom he played in particular at the Pukkelpop Festival 2000. This one melts intimate songwriting, post-rock à la Tortoise and subtle electronics.
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Topics: Folk, indie electronic
Sundays In Spring
by Thomas Méry
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Thomas mery is an ex 'purr' (, he started working on his own projects after the band stopped playing together in summer 2001. Those songs were recorded in the spring of 2004. Acoustic guitar,electronics, cello and voice.
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Topics: Experimental, Folk, indie electronic